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Environmentally Friendly Plasticizer Catalytic Hydrogenation Technology

Aug. 03, 2020
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During plastic processing, environment-friendly plasticizer is added to improve the flexibility, ductility, durability and plasticity of plastic products. For example, phthalate plasticizers for PVC materials are the most widely used traditional plasticizers. The world market demand is about 6 million tons, and the market size in China is about 3 million tons. However, since phthalate plasticizers (DOP, DINP, DBP, etc.) interact with plastic molecules only in the form of van der Waals forces, they are prone to loss and accumulate to humans through bioconcentration and amplification. in vivo. Phthalate plasticizers can interfere with the endocrine system, affect hormone levels, and may cause hypothyroidism, hypothyroidism, obesity, diabetes and other diseases, and there is also a risk of cancer. Countries such as the European Union and the United States have established strict regulations on the use of phthalate plasticizers. Affected by "plasticizer" pollution incidents, poisonous capsule plasticizer incidents, plastic wrap plasticizer incidents, and poisonous toy incidents, environmental plasticizers are the future development direction of plastic additives, and the country is gradually increasing its environmental protection Supporting the development and application of type plasticizers, and at the same time, promoting environmentally friendly plasticizers to replace ortho-benzene plasticizers is also one of the 13th Five-Year Petrochemical Industry Development Plan. It is expected that non-phthalic plasticizers will develop rapidly, with an annual growth rate of more than 15%.

Cyclohexane-1,2-diformate is a kind of non-phthalate plasticizers, which has similar structure and performance to phthalate esters, and has better functions. The specific performance is: low mobility, colorless and transparent, completely environmentally friendly, compatible with common organic solvents and commonly used plasticizers, and its elasticity, transparency, and low-temperature performance are far superior to traditional plasticizers such as DOP. More importantly, this type of product has the characteristics of better heat resistance, cold resistance, UV resistance, and flame resistance, and does not exhibit physiological toxicity. With the gradual improvement of the material and cultural level of human society and the gradual increase of health and environmental awareness, the health and environmental protection plasticizer technology has broad application prospects.

Environment-Friendly Plasticizer

Environment-Friendly Plasticizer

Technical characteristics

This project uses traditional phthalate or terephthalate plasticizers as raw materials to carry out gas-liquid-solid heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation to cyclohexane-1,2-dicarboxylate. The research group has a solid theoretical foundation and key technology development experience in the low-temperature saturated hydrogenation of aromatics. Successfully developed a high-performance supported Ru-based catalyst for phthalate hydrogenation. The catalyst has a conversion rate of 100 and a selectivity of 99.99 at a pressure of 3-5 MPa and a temperature of 90-140°C, and the space-time yield of the catalyst is 500-1000 g/KgCat.h. Moreover, the catalyst has good stability and shows extremely high application value.

Economic situation

Cyclohexane-1,2-diformate is a kind of plasticizer with good performance and environmental protection and non-toxic. However, my country's current output is almost zero, and the products mainly rely on imports. The market price difference between cyclohexane-1,2-diformate and phthalate is about 3500-6000 yuan/ton; the hydrogenation production of cyclohexane-1,2-diformate is an environmentally friendly plasticizer The increased production cost is estimated to be 500-800 yuan/ton. Calculated on a production scale of 50,000 tons, gross profit is about 135-260 million yuan per year. China is a major producer of phthalate esters. The hydrogenation of phthalate esters to produce cyclohexane-1,2-diformate is of great significance to the upgrading of plasticizers in China, and it provides the plasticizer industry in China. The ideal solution has good economic and social benefits.

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