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How to Reduce the Health Hazards of Plasticizers?

Nov. 23, 2020
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Plasticizer is a toxic plastic softener for the chemical industry, which can increase ductility, elasticity and softness, and is an industrial additive.

Plasticizers have a wide range of uses. They are manufactured in large quantities in industry. They can be ingested into our bodies through drinking water and food chains.

1.Potential danger

Liver cancer

If a large amount of plasticizer is taken for a long time, it may cause liver cancer. Some people absorb less, excrete more, and have better tolerance after using plasticizers; while others are more likely to suffer chronic damage from plasticizers.


Plasticizers entering the male body will inhibit the secretion of testosterone, resulting in poor testicular function, affecting fertility, and even leading to infertility.

Precocious puberty

The main effect that plasticizers may have on girls is precocious puberty. If a girl has symptoms of breast, pubic hair, armpit hair and other sexual development before she is 8 years old, she needs to see a doctor promptly. Among them, breast development is a more obvious symptom in the early stage, and parents are better aware of it.

Damage to genitals

Since young children are in the developmental stage of the endocrine system and reproductive system, the potential harm of plasticizers to young children will be greater than that of adults.

As early as January 16, 2007, the European Union issued a ban on adding phthalate plasticizers to toys. The main impact of plasticizers on boys is male sexual development disorders, such as malformation of the external genitalia, hypospadias, small testicles, short penis, and developmental delay.

Harm human genes

Plasticizers have been shown to interfere with human secretions. In addition to affecting the reproductive system, plasticizers can cause genotoxicity and harm human genes. Long-term consumption has the greatest risk of cardiovascular disease. It also has great damage to the liver and urinary system. After being poisoned, it will be inherited through genes.

2. How to avoid the harm of plasticizer to health in life

Eat less bubble gum

Bubble gum contains two kinds of plasticizers, both of which are toxic substances. Chewing 7 to 8 pieces of bubble gum every day will reach the human body poisoning dose, endangering health.

Wear plastic slippers carefully

Wearing plastic slippers or sandals can cause slippers dermatitis.

Use nail polish carefully

Nail polish also contains plasticizers. Do not eat with your hands after applying nail polish, especially foods such as fried dough sticks and oil cakes, because nail polish is fat-soluble and toxic substances are easily dissolved in oily foods. Will cause poisoning later.

Don't warm food with plastic wrap.

Food with plastic wrap must not be heated in a microwave oven, especially meat, because once the plasticizer contacts the fat, it will release toxic substances and penetrate into the food.

Use plastic cups less to drink water

Plasticizers are often added to plastics. When hot or boiling water is filled in a plastic cup, toxic chemicals are easily dissolved in the water.

Carefully choose children's clothing with heat transfer

The plasticizer contained in the heat transfer will enter the human body through skin contact, causing cough, sore throat, and dizziness. 

Do not use plastic bottles for oil.

Try to use glass, iron, ceramics and other utensils to hold cooking oil.

Use less plastic products for long-term storage of food

When choosing food containers, mainly stainless steel, glass, ceramics, etc. Avoid prolonged contact or soaking of food with plastic containers to reduce the chance of plasticizer dissolution.

Drink less thick drinks

Clouding agents allowed in the food industry are generally mixed with palm oil and emulsifiers, which will make juices and other beverages look cloudy and more like real juices. The addition of plasticizer can make the particles and molecules more uniformly dispersed, and black-hearted manufacturers use it as a clouding agent, which not only saves costs, but also has a better effect of "clouding".

Don't buy toys from unknown sources.

Parents should not blindly buy plastic toys from unknown sources (such as roadside stalls, websites), especially when the baby is in the stage of biting toys, and they must strictly control the toys. The general requirements for children's toys are: tasteless, non-fading, and non-turbid in color.

Drinking tea can help expel plasticizers.

It is self-evident that long-term exposure to plasticizers is harmful to the body. Therefore, Green speciality chemicals companies recommend that you eat more natural antioxidant foods, such as tea polyphenols and β-carotene in tea. Tea is rich in tea polyphenols, so drinking more tea can not only antioxidant, but also help liver and kidney detoxification, and enhance the excretion of plasticizers.

Drink plenty of water to help expel plasticizers.

In case you have been exposed to plasticizer, is there a way to remedy it? For a small amount of plasticizer, the internal organs of the human body have a certain detoxification function.


For example, for a 60 kg person, a daily intake of 1.2 to 8.4 mg of plasticizer can be excreted from the body through the metabolic system. But because the human body needs to detoxify through the liver, if it is taken in small amounts for a long time, it will still cause damage to the body.

However, we produce Eco-Plasticizer, which is nontoxic and environmental-protection plasticizer. 

We are Green Chemical Suppliers. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.


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