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What Is Methyl Oleate?

Nov. 09, 2020
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未标题-2.jpgMix oleic acid and methanol, add catalyst concentrated sulfuric acid or p-toluenesulfonic acid, and heat to reflux for 10 hours. Cool, neutralize with sodium methoxide to a pH of 8-9°C, wash with water to neutral, dry with anhydrous calcium chloride, and distill under reduced pressure to obtain methyl oleate. What is oleic acid methyl ester?

Methyl oleate is a yellowish oily liquid. Melting point is -19.9°C, boiling point is 218.5°C (2.66kPa), 168-170°C (0.267kPa). The relative density is 0.8739 (20/4°C). The refractive index is 1.4522. It can be miscible with absolute ethanol and ethanol in water. Uses This product is an intermediate of detergent, emulsifier, wetting agent and stabilizer. Use as surface active basic material, leather additive, non-fluorescent mud lubricant for petroleum exploration Use as plasticizer, water repellent, resin toughening agent, and also used as detergent, emulsifier, lubricant for organic synthesis Intermediate of wet agent and stabilizer. Biochemical Research Gas Chromatography Stationary Solution (Maximum operating temperature 120℃, solvent is ether).

Common chemical reactions

As a fatty acid ester, it has the common reaction properties of fatty acid ester, mainly including:

(1) Hydrolysis reaction: methyl oleate undergoes a hydrolysis reaction in the presence of an acid catalyst to generate reaction equilibrium mixtures such as oleic acid, methanol, water, and methyl oleate. When alkali is used as catalyst, the product is oleate, and the reaction is irreversible, also called saponification reaction. In addition, it can also be hydrolyzed by high-pressure steam at a high temperature of 185~300℃ to generate oleic acid and methanol.

(2) Aminolysis, alcoholysis and transesterification reactions: methyl oleate reacts with ammonia to form oleic acid amide and methanol, and reacts with other fatty alcohols other than methanol to form new oleic acid esters and methanol. Methyl oleate reacts with another ester, and the ester group is exchanged to form a new oleic acid ester and carboxylic acid ester. The above reaction has catalysts such as acids and bases, which can speed up the reaction. 

Storage method

Store in a cool and dry place. Storage temperature -20ºC

Nature and stability

1. Stable properties under normal temperature and pressure.

2. Exist in mainstream smoke.


Methyl Oleate is mainly used in the pesticide industry to replace toluene, xylene, mineral spirits, etc. As a pesticide solvent, it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It is compatible with crops and is not easy to cause phytotoxicity, eliminates pest resistance, has strong spreadability, can increase plant adhesion, is not easy to be washed away by rain, and has strong light resistance The characteristics of decomposition can effectively reduce the active ingredients of pesticides due to photodegradation, maintain good efficacy, strong viscosity, anti-drifting, can save the dosage, and can also be used as a synergist in herbicides. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as a medicinal bacteria culture solution, such as the production and cultivation of various antibiotic vaccines, which can completely replace soybean oil as a nutrient solution, and has better performance than soybean oil in use. In the petroleum drilling industry, it is used as a non-fluorescent mud lubricant to effectively improve the adsorption and wettability of the metal surface of the mud and drilling tools to reduce the adhesion coefficient. It has good thermal stability, good compatibility, and uniform dispersion. Many oil companies cooperated. In addition, it can also be used as cosmetics, detergents, special lubricants and textile auxiliaries.

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